Agent On-Hand

Training Guide


  • Familiarize agents with Agent On-Hand (AOH)
  • Demonstrate where AOH can assist agents to resolve customer issues
  • Discuss User Interface (UI) features for agent and customer
  • Prepare agents for possible camera access issues caused by the customer
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Home Page

Viewer Home
  1. Start Session - Once logged into Agent On-Hand, an agent can create a session. Select either video or photo mode then enter the customer's phone number to send them an invite link to the session. Up to 3 agents can enter a session by sharing the session ID.
    • Agents can enter a Case ID to associate the Agent On-Hand session with another ticket tracking system.
  2. Join Existing Session - Agents can join a session that has already been started by a customer or antoher agent.
    • Customers have the option to create a new session when they navigate to
  3. Recent Session - Agents have the ability to rejoin the session by selecting "Recent Session". The session will begin in the last mode it was used. For example, if the session ended in photo-mode, the session will reconnect in photo-mode.
    • Customers also needs to select ‘Rejoin Session’ for the session to reconnect.
  4. View Compatible Browsers for Customer - Displays which web browsers are supported on the customer’s device.
  5. Rate Us - Once the session is completed, the agent can submit their rating of Agent On-Hand by selecting 1-5 stars (5 stars being the best rating). After rating their experience, the agent can provide feedback regarding issues, improvements, or satisfaction with the tool.

Customer Page - During Session

Broadcaster Session
  1. Photo/Video Mode Switch - On the top left corner of the browser screen, customers have the option to switch between video-mode (camera icon) or photo-mode (image icon). If the video quality is poor, the agent should recommend the customer to switch to photo-mode.
    • When the customer's bitrate drops below a minimum threshold, indicating low-bandwidth, the customer will automatically be put into photo-mode.
  2. Customers can exit the session by selecting the "X" icon on the top right corner.
  3. When a customer navigates to, the customer can begin the session in video or photo mode, by selecting "Video Mode" or "Photo Mode" in the pop up screen.
  4. When the customer is using a Chrome browser, there is an additional thunderbolt icon to the right of the "photo/video mode" button that can turn on/off the device’s flashlight.

Customer Home Page

Broadcaster Home
  • Once the agent or customer exits the session, the session will end. The customer will observe the Broadcaster Home screen and have the option to either:
    1. Rejoin Session - rejoin the last session they entered.
    2. Join New Session - join a new session then share the session number with the agent(s)
  • Tip: have customer place their phone in speaker mode before clicking the SMS link

Camera Access Troubleshooting

  1. Once the customer joins a session, they will observe a prompt for camera access. If the customer denies camera access, the agent and the customer can try again and rejoin the same session.
  2. For Android devices, the Chrome browser will only ask once for camera access. If the customer denies access, they will have to perform the steps listed in Image 2 to receive a prompt for camera access. The same steps are displayed for the agent to guide the customer.
  3. Customers can view the steps in Image 2 by, selecting ‘HERE’ located right above ‘Rejoin Session’.
  4. Note: The steps in Allowing Camera Access mention ‘vertical ellipsis’ which are these three dots located in the top right corner of the browser window. Depending on the customer’s web browser, the address bar and ellipsis may also be located on the bottom of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

The customer’s phone does not receive SMS text messages. What can I do?

  • Customers can navigate to and start the session in their preferred mode. The customer must share the session number with the agent so that the agent an join the customer's session.

When a customer selects the SMS link, they are directed to an unsupported browser

  • The customer can tap and hold the link in the text message, select "Copy Link" and paste the link into a supported browser

Can customers use their front facing camera?

  • Currently, Agent On-Hand only works with the rear facing camera, however front-facing camera support will be released in the future.
How can I create a shortcut for Agent On-Hand on my iOS/Android device?
  • For iOS/iPhone: On Safari, go to Tap the Share button icon. Then, tap "Add to Home Screen" to add a shortcut to the webpage on your homescreen.
  • For Android: On Google Chrome, go to Tap the 3 dot button icon at the top right. Then, tap "Add to Home Screen".

When I try to create an account, I get "invalid email domain".

  • Your Administrator has not authorized an Agent On-Hand account for your email address. Please contact support if you believe there has been an error.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?